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On this page we will highlight the projects undertaken by the three practical conservation teams operated by Epic.  These aim to enhance key areas within the Ochils landscape such as the glens, walking routes and wetlands.

The Ochil glens are the main points of access onto the Ochil Hills and offer great views across the Forth Valley. EPIC aims to develop these glens to provide a more attractive and welcoming entrance to entice people to benefit from what the Ochils have to offer.

The area also covers many stunning walking routes including the renowned Hillfoots Diamond Jubilee Way.  Epic hopes to improve access on this walk way for local communities and tourists alike.

Clackmannanshire also contains many rivers, streams and wetlands which, over time, have been a catalyst for the development of the landscape.  Focus is on the River Devon and its network of streams and burns, linking together projects to improve their quality, benefiting their habitats and recreational appeal.

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