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We recently completed a project at Redwell Primary School. We were contacted by the parent council as the school boasts a beautiful bio diverse environmental project area with pond and large wildflower area. Unfortunately, the children have been unable to use the area since the school was built due to the path being overgrown and inaccessible. 

The volunteers were tasked with stripping back the path to the sub base, weeding the entire 150 square metre area, installing weed-proof membrane and then spreading wood chip back on top.

The project was supported by Clackmannanshire Council with a donation of 200 rubble sacks of wood chip which was spare from tree management works in the wee county.

During the work, the group were joined by three classes of P7s who wanted to create a lasting legacy for the other children in the school. With help from the entire year (around 80 pupils), they were able to be involved and thoroughly enjoyed engaging and improving their local green spaces.





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