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Volunteers constructing a boardwalkThe largest project undertaken by EPIC volunteers this year has been the creation of 190m of floating boardwalk through Damhead Wood SSSI.  This woodland is an important scientific site for its unique biodiversity.  However, it is boggy and hard to pass through with certain sections impassable.

The Epic volunteers have taken on the challenge of improving access through this site.  This will allow the local community to experience the rich environment located at Damhead woodland.  There is a priority of protection for rare lower pond sedge in the woodland with the volunteers trained in the ecological value of plant and how a floating boardwalk would enable it to flourish while leaving the lowest possible impact on the surrounding woodland.

The volunteers flourished throughout this construction process.  They bonded as a team while also learning valuable new skills.  They learned the use of power tools such as a mitre saw and nail gun.  While also becoming proficient in the use of basic tools such as hammers, saws, mells, mattocks and shovels.  This was a valuable experience for the team; these skills will prove useful in further projects that epic will take on.

Feedback from members of the public has been a source of great satisfaction to the volunteers with the numbers of people using the boardwalk steadily increasing since construction started last year.

I have really enjoyed building the boardwalk and seeing our progress each week. Moving the timber was difficult but working as a team made it easier. I also enjoy seeing the wildlife along the river bank

EPIC volunteer

I get a great sense of satisfaction working with the team on big projects such as this boardwalk

EPIC volunteer

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